Apples are an easy fruit to grow in any garden and there are a wide amount of varieties to choose from. You can even grow them in containers. These fruit trees should be valued as a long term investment as they will take a few years to crop, but once they start, they will do […]


Summer is here, the sun is out and our gardens are coming alive! Acers, also know as Japanese Maples are the perfect choice of plant if you are wanting a tree in your outdoor space no matter what size you have available.  Japanese maples are more compact, suitable for the smallest of gardens and containers too. […]


Roses are red… and great flowers for any garden. They are probably one of the most loved plants that people choose to have in their gardens and it’s easy to see why with the diversity of colours, styles and smells that roses give. Rose care is easier than you think, provided that you follow a few […]


These diverse perennials are wonderful shade plants that will add colour and interest to the darker corners of your garden. They offer a wide range of colourful foliage all year round, that will lift any part of your garden and will produce wispy flowers on long stems in the spring in to early summer. Heuchera […]


These perennials provide a burst of colour late in the season, when most other flowering plants have faded. There are hundreds of crocosmia varieties to choose from, flowering in red, orange or yellow from June to late summer. They like to grow in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. It is best to […]


It is the time of year to be colouring up your garden with lovely bedding and perennial plants but let’s not forget the plants that can do the same in your home, office or any indoor space! Houseplants are known for there many health benefits, for example; lowering stress and anxiety, improving office performance and […]

Bedding Plants

One of the great things about may is that there are usually no more frosts from the 10th of this month. This is a liberating feeling for you and your garden, it means that hanging baskets, pots and borders can be filled with bright colourful bedding plants. There is a vast selection of these available […]


From the week beginning the 26th April it is National Gardening Week, so why not grab yourself a picturesque Peony to add to your garden. The attractive leaves of a Peony emerge with rich reddish tones, these leaves often colour well in autumn. Following these leaves you will get a splash of colour as the […]

Herbaceous Perennials

As our gardens and plants start to spring in to life, it’s time to think of summer. Perennial plants provide flowers in our gardens year after year. They are planted together to create herbaceous and mixed borders, which peak in interest in summer and early autumn. However, they can provide colour through much of the […]


The joyful birdsong and the increasing warmth of the sun is upon us this month, and already we have seen some beautiful weather! It is now the perfect time to get yourself a stunning dahlia! Dahlias are an easy to grow plant with big rewards! You will need to make sure when planting Dahlia tubers […]