About Us


Garden Centre.

Wolden Garden Centre is a family run business established in 1964. Woldens is one of Crews Hill's longest-established garden centres, with well over 50 years of experience, which means we can ensure all plants are thriving and healthy when you take them home. Woldens stocks a huge range of gardening supplies to suit all your gardening needs and wants. We have a huge shrub department with everything from Hebes to specimen Olive trees. Our furniture selection cannot be beaten on choice, price or quality.

Our History

Wolden Garden Centre was established in 1964 as a small family run nursery with only a small greenhouse and portable shed. The nursery started out growing alpines and slowly expanded to grow bare-root trees and shrubs. Through the decades it continued to grow and sell more including roses and Dutch bulbs. In the 1980s the family’s 2 sons joined the business and the garden centre continued to grow selling more and more garden supplies. It quickly adapted to the growing trends of gardening with sundries, compost, tools and fertilisers became standard stock at Woldens. In 2002 the family took a huge step and opened The Greenhouse Café, named by the eldest granddaughter. This coffee shop has had several expansions since and continues to be a huge success. By 2007 the family behind Woldens had 3 generations working and learning the family business, this remains the same today. Woldens Garden Centre has managed to grow its business and reputation so successfully by ensuring it stayed on top of gardening trends and demands but also maintaining its core values as a family run garden centre.