Apples are an easy fruit to grow in any garden and there are a wide amount of varieties to choose from. You can even grow them in containers. These fruit trees should be valued as a long term investment as they will take a few years to crop, but once they start, they will do so for many years. Apples thrive best in a well-drained loam soil, at least 60cm (2ft) deep. Add well rotted organic matter before planting, make sure to mulch and water well through the growing season until the tree is growing well. Apples prefer a sheltered, frost-free position in full sun. You can still grow apples in frost prone areas, just choose later-flowering varieties or provide temporary protection in spring when apples are in blossom. Most trees should be pruned every year to get the best crop for the following season, this should be carried out in late winter to early spring before any new growth starts appearing. Here at Woldens we have a mixture of eating and cooking apples available from patio to tree varieties and all ready for you to take home and grow your own scrumptious apples 🍏🍎

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