The joyful birdsong and the increasing warmth of the sun is upon us this month, and already we have seen some beautiful weather! It is now the perfect time to get yourself a stunning dahlia! Dahlias are an easy to grow plant with big rewards! You will need to make sure when planting Dahlia tubers […]


April is the perfect time of year to get growing your own fruit and veg; tomatoes are one of the most popular and rewarding plants to grow wether you’re an experienced gardener or a beginner trying it for the first time. They will need to be kept in a warm spot and sheltered from winds […]

What do bees eat

Bees eat pollen and nectar. Pollen is full of protein and nectar is full of carbohydrates and nutrients. Pollen and nectar are found in most flowering plants. Bees fly from flower to flower consuming and collecting pollen and nectar, transferring the pollen and fertilising the plants. This is pollination. Pollination is a vital service and […]

Spring is here

It’s time to dust off your gardening gloves and tools and get on out into the garden. There’s much to do if we want to make the most of our gardens, especially this year if we want to socialise with missed loved ones and friends, when we get the green light. Make a start and […]